A story of my childhood

Stories help develop the imagination and communication skill of children . In childhood, i was fed a large number of stories by parents .most of them were about animals,kings and queens. The characters of those stories coloured my dreams. Here i would like to speak about one such story i still remember . The story was about Two Friends punna And kala. They lived in a village . One Day, they decided to go to the city in search of job . their journey was through a forest. It was night and pitch dark all around .Suddenly , a bear appeared of the way .They both were frightend. There was a big tree nearby . punna knew how to climb a tree and he climbed the tree to escape , leaving kala behind.Kala had no way to escape . He had heard from someone that bear would not attack dead animals.He held his breath and lay still on the ground .The bear came nearer and sniffed. Thinking he was dead , the bear left the place . punna climbed down the tree and enquired what the bear had told him . Kala said the bear had advised him not believe in selfish friends. kala felt ashamed .The story teaches a great lesson that one should be careful in selecting friend and that " A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed ".

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